Back on the literary horse

Hickey Books

Here I am with my friend and mentor Ken Kuhlken having a drink and discussing my publishing future. It looks like I am back on the literary horse again. Ken, a recipient of several mystery writer awards, is also the Co-Founder of the small press Hickey Books.

I am pleased to inform my friends and relatives that I have agreed to publish with Hickey Books and it looks as if the first book out the gate will be a re-issue of ‘Vagabond Blues’ (shameless plug to follow) a San Diego Book Award Finalist. It will be re-issued with a new cover. And my second Bean Bandits book ‘Four Days at the World of Speed: Bean Bandits Chasing the Land Speed Record’ will follow shortly thereafter.

I am excited to partner with Ken and I encourage you all to seek out his and other Hickey authors at Hickey or on BookBub, an eBook site for all you Nook and Kindle subscribers. I recently joined BookBub as a reader but soon will have my own eBooks to sell.

On a side note, for my meeting with Ken I happened to park in front of Maxwell’s House of Books, an Independent bookstore in La Mesa that I had sadly forgotten. After my visit with Ken, I stopped in and, naturally, had to purchase a few books. Coincidentally a book that Ken forgot to bring to the meeting in which he said he had used a couple of incidents involving my relatives, those engaged in Mexican politics, I found at Maxwell’s.

Said book ‘the Answer to Everything’ is a page turner. I began reading it last night and I could not put it down. The relatives (you know who you are) will get a kick out of this book. Also, as a reminder, if you do not want to see parts of your life in a book, do not befriend a fiction writer.  Peace.

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