Vagabond Blues


Vagabond Blues is a kind of football Faust with some All Quiet on the Western Front thrown in.”

The Espresso Newspaper

“Brutal and Endearing.”

Void Magazine

“Burgin illustrates the pain, confusion and battle like crush of the player’s in spare sentences that make you feel you are in the game. It’s the type of football book that once you start reading, you cannot put it down until you are finished.”

Minor League Professional Football Newsletter

“A realistic portrayal of those men who are two inches too short or a half-second too slow, but who can’t let go of the only identity that ever made them feel whole: Football Player. Beneath the riotous fun of this novel is an underlying sadness of desperation.”

-Ron Mix- NFL Hall of Fame Offensive Lineman San Diego Chargers

“A smart, hard-hitting novel that will grab you and carry you into the hearts of the players and the game.”

-Ken Kuhlken- Author of The DO-RE-MI

Available at twodollarradio, Barnes & Noble, and, your independent bookstore.

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